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This is why I hate steretoypes. I went to see Slumdog Millionare (fabulous). And in the row behind me, there were
three old ladies commentating The. Entire. Flim. Everyone says teenagers are a nusisance to have in theaters,
but these women were obnoxious and disturbing. I could understand if it was the case that one of them was hard
of hearing, and she need help following the plot. But they just talked at the people on screen, giving them "advice."
I've gone to many movies with "rotten kids" that were way better behaved. These women should know better.

On  a better note, Slumdog was fantastic. There was not a weak performance in that movie, not even from the youngest actors. Funny, but sad, it shows the poorest slums of India in startling detail. I also loved that I couldn't predict anything that happened next, which I love. Beautiful story, scenery, ideas, everything. :)

Jan. 19th, 2009



Some icons I'm testing, to see if I can make them turn up alright on lj. So...yeah.



Writer's Block: Comedians as Journalists

Who do I trust more, Colbert or Stewart?

Prob. Stewart. Stephen Colbert is hilarious too, but his whole psedo- Rebuplican bit means he doesn't always have the best information (its extremly funny though).

Writer's Block: Sharing Haikus

The Japanese haiku poet Basho once wrote, "Old pond / a frog jumps / the sound of water." Try writing some of your own haikus about the little things in your life. A haiku generally consists of a five-syllable line, a seven-syllable line and a second five-syllable line. You can also use any combination of ten-to-fourteen syllables.

I know I should write
A deep and thoughtful haiku
But its much too hard



At first I didnt get the buzz. I just loved the Jokers character, but I wasnt sure about Heath Ledger . Than I realized. I wasnt impressed with Heath Ledger because there was no Heath Ledger. He was entirely the Joker. It was only then I realized the true epicness of his performance. He eclipsed Heath Ledger entirely. So yes. He should win. 

Writer's Block: God For a Day

1. Make world peace, stop world hunger, all that good stuff
2. Go back in time to major histoical events.
3. Find out the true airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow.
As much as I can be. Now its all up to my Bazooka 

Writer's Block: On Character Preferences

I would have to say Howl from the BOOK Howls Moving Castle is my favorite. So much snark. Also Eugenides form the queens thief series.

Writer's Block: You, the Movie

Kirsten Stewart. My co-star would be Robert Pattinson.
No, really, a movie about my life would be a grainy, shaky, documentry that won an Oscar anyways because of the amazing actress who played me. Im just not sure who that is... Ellen Page? I would spice up my otherwise boring day.